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Power Up Your Libido in the Most Natural Way
  • Naturally Supports a Healthy Female Libido
  • Contains Pure Horny Goat Weed Extract
  • Provides 10 mg of Icariin
  • With a Proprietary Blend of Libido-boosting Botanicals
  • Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back!
  • $39.95
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A decrease of libido is a natural occurrence that can affect all women. Right this very moment, there are many women who experience changes in their sexual desire as part of the aging process. Aside from getting older, there are also other common challenges that get in the way of a satisfying and healthy sex life, including stress and fatigue.

The good news is that the natural decline of sexual desire can be delayed with the help of lifestyle changes, a good diet and herbal supplements. If you feel you are losing your desire for sex due to fatigue or stress, the factors causing it can also be easily addressed with the help of the finest herbs.

Herbs are known to naturally spice up your sex life, increase fun times in bed and overall improve your love life. These herbs contain essential nutrients and other substances that have an impact to sexual health.

You are not alone of you feel that your sex drive is going downhill. There is nothing wrong with seeking ways to improve your libido so you need not be embarrassed about it. There are millions of women out there seeking the same thing.

Reach that Orgasm Naturally with Femigor

Femigor is a natural supplement that can help you maintain a healthy sex life. It is formulated with the finest herbs that are known to support normal libido and a healthy reproductive system.

The key ingredient in our supplement is Horny Goat Weed, one of the most popular herbs that are being used due to its potential as a female libido enhancer as well as supports a woman’s natural vitality. We also included a proprietary blend of the purest botanicals to give you a premium quality product that will help you in your quest for a revitalized sex life.

With our scientific formulation, Femigor is guaranteed to give you great results and exciting moments in the bedroom with your partner. Aside from this, our product promotes graceful aging, supports mood and a good stress response, helps keep the normal balance of the reproductive hormones, and maintain skeletal health.

Premium Quality

We assure you that Femigor is a result of years of research, having undergone rigorous clinically testing. We strictly adhere to good manufacturing processes to guarantee a premium product that is both effective and safe to use by consumers.

We the superior quality of Femigor, it is guaranteed to deliver results that is more than satisfactory. You will be happy you bought it!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As mentioned above, we guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. However, we also acknowledge that no individual is exactly alike so our product may have different results among our customers.

We understand that you may have some apprehensions about purchasing it right now. To put your mind at ease, we are offering you a free trial of our product. Order it today, try it for 60 days and find out how great it works.

However, for some reason that you are not fully happy with your result, you can always ask for a refund. Simply return the empty packages to us and we will give back you monies paid (less the shipping fees). Now, isn’t that an incredible offer?

So, order our product now and get the sex life that you are dreaming of!

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Femigor is formulated with only the best botanicals that are known to support a healthy female libido and sexual response. Our scientific experts made sure that these botanicals are clinically tested and processed using only the best technology to come up with a superior supplement.

Horny Goat Weed Extract

A flowering plant in the family Berberidaceae, horny goat weed is native to China and goes with a lot of names, including epimedium, yin yang huo, xian ling pi and barrenwort. It is one of the key herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries since it naturally aids in mental and physical vitality. It later become very popular in Western countries as holistic healing invaded these parts of the world. The core constituent of the herb that is attributable for its therapeutic effects is icariin, which is known to promote a more relaxed muscle tissue, improve responses to stress and promotes sexual arousal.

Maca Root Powder

Also referred to as Peruvian ginseng, maca is grown on the mountains of South Africa, mostly in the high altitude regions of Peru, where the locals consume its root as a vegetable due to its high nutritional value. It contains loads of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, fiber and phytonutrients. For centuries, the root has also been used by the locals as an herbal remedy for a diverse range of conditions. It was during more modern times when the root’s ability to support a healthy sex appetite and fight stress was discovered with the help of science.

Tongkat Ali Root Powder

This is an extract obtained from Eurycoma longifolia, a flowering plant in the family Simaroubeceae, which is native to Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. Also called pasak bumi, longjack and Malaysian ginseng, this herb has a long history of use as an herbal remedy in traditional medicine. The people in the Southeast Asian region, most especially those whose job entails arduous physical labor, take this herb as a food or drink to improve their stamina. As stated on the website of the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, “tongkat ali root extract improves stress hormone profile and certain mood state parameters,” which suggests that the extract may help fight chronic stress.

Saw Palmetto Berry Powder

This is an extract of the fruit of the Serenoa repens, a hardy and long-lived fan palm that is found thriving in North America. These plants can live up to 700 years and is good food source for both humans and animals. Its fruit, a reddish-brown or black drupe, is rich in fatty acids and phytosterols. It is also used in traditional healing practices due to its therapeutic properties, including improving stamina and supporting a healthy sexual drive for both men and women.

Mucuna Pruriens 15% Seed Extract

Mucuna pruriens is a tropical legume and is also commonly referred to as velvet bean or lacuna bean. A native of tropical Asia and Africa, the plant species has been introduced in other parts of the world where it has become naturalized and widely cultivated. Extracts from its seed is widely used in India’s Ayurvedic holistic healing system as it supports sexual response and mood. It has long been employed as a powerful aphrodisiac in that country as it helps stimulate libido as well as have a calming effect to those who are stressed or anxious. L-dopa is the extract’s key constituent that possesses these therapeutic effects.

Polypodium Vulgare Root Powder

This is an extract obtained from the rhizomes of the Polypodium vulgare of the Polypodiaceae plant family (Polypody ferns). The rhizomes are very sweet as it contains natural sugars (saccharose and glucose) as well as oils and tannins. It is widely used as a liquorice adulterant, but its therapeutic effects are quite known as well. This herb is one of the most used in traditional medicine when it comes to supporting a normal and healthy sex drive for both men and women.

Muira Puama Root Powder

The muira puama is a small tree that usually grows to only about 15 feet. It is a native to the Brazilian Amazon and commonly referred to as “potency wood” due to its therapeutic properties. Extracts obtained from the tree’s bark and roots are utilized to help maintain energy and sexual libido. These days, muira puama enjoys the nickname “Viagra of the Amazon” due to its purported effects to sex drive. The herb contains constituents that promote sexual hormone production and blood circulation towards the pelvic area, which results to an increase in sensation and sensitivity to touch and sexual stimulation. Muira puama is also known to help with chronic stress, which is a major contributing factor to a lack of sexual desire.

L-Arginine (L-Arginine HCl)

Arginine is a natural form of amino acid that is utilized by the body in the biosynthesis of proteins and other bodily processes. L-Arginine HCL, on the other hand, is a synthetically manufactured form of L-Arginine, which was developed by combining natural arginine with a hydrogen chloride molecule. This synthetic form is available in powder or capsule form and is used primarily in supplements. Hydrogen chloride serves to increase the supplement’s bioavailability so there is an enhanced absorption once it enters the intestinal and digestive system. Athletes consume L-arginine to help improve their athletic performance during sports. This is because it is said to increase delivery of oxygen and boost the flow of blood during a physical activity. These effects is also beneficial to those who seek to improve their sex life as it may help in the dilation of clitoral blood vessels, blood flow to erogenous zones and promote arousal.

Panax Ginseng Root Powder

Panax ginseng is a species of ginseng plant of the Aralioceae family that thrives in cool countries such as those in eastern Asia and North America. The fleshy rhizomes of these slow-growing perennial plants have long been used as a tonic in these parts of the world as it contains constituents such as ginsenosides that help boost immunity, strengthen the body, regulate stress, support energy and stamina, and promote a heightened sexual sensitivity and arousal. It is often used by athletes to maintain their physical strength and endurance during a sports performance.